1000-hr Training

Our Advanced Professional Certification at the 1000-hour level is designed for students dedicated to ongoing personal and professional development as DevaTree Yoga Educators.

Students can embark on the 1000-hour track if they have already completed their initial *500-hrs of certification, either with DevaTree or any other recognized school of yoga. Your first 500-hrs combine with the additional 500 hours offered in this program to equal 1000 hours.

Your studies can include any of the specialized courses listed below, as well as an Independent Study on your topic of interest, as mutually agreed on by you and your Faculty Advisor. Your Independent Study research may also be used to create outcomes in your yoga business. For example, past students have produced yoga music, created a series of classes or workshops, written a book or booklet, or designed a website for their area of interest.

The 1000-hr Certification is focused on deepening student understanding and application of the DevaTree methodology. While your first 500-hrs can be from another recognized school, your final 500-hrs need to be courses under the DevaTree umbrella. If you have already completed more than 500-hrs with DevaTree, any hours that were not included in your first 500 can be applied to the 1000-hr track.

The 1000-hr track is best suited to students who are self-motivated and able to learn independently.

Courses Available to 1000-hr Students

Self-Paced Online Courses Directed by Tamika Schilbe Cole and Carolyn Burke:

Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga for Anxiety

Meditation in the Modern Age

Teaching Meditation in the Modern Age

Children’s yoga

HeartRise Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Faculty Mentored Programs: Self-Study Under the Guidance of Specialized Instructors

These programs combine small group or individualized classes with self-directed studies. Your studies will include online or phone meetings with your Faculty, personalized mentoring and training, and online classes or assignments.

Start date, pacing, and completion of Faculty Mentored Programs are mutually agreed upon between you and your Faculty Advisor. After registering, you can begin these programs at any time (as determined with your Advisor). Coursework can be completed any time before the end of your mutually agreed upon study period.

Whispered Wisdom: Walking Between the Worlds of Yoga and Shamanism (100-hrs)

Kristi K-Bhava Corlett
RYT, Shamanic Practitioner

Restorative Yoga: Teacher Training (50-hrs)

Cindy DeJong
E-RYT 200, RYT 1000

Kirtan Academy: Bhakti Heart Fire (50hrs)

Brenda McMorrow

Down Dogs and Doshas: An Integrated Approach to Ayurveda & Yoga (100-hrs)

Bija Repta
RYT, Ayurvedic Instructor

Independent Study: Dive Deeply Into Your Specialization

Carolyn Burke or Tamika Schilbe
1000-hr Yoga Educators

The 1000-hr program with DevaTree was transformational to say the least. I used my independent study period to look at the similarities between yoga & qigong and this morphed into uncovering layers of myself I didn’t know existed. The study was truly about “Who I am”.  The extra time to focus on myself was nourishing for my soul and exactly what I needed. Tamika & Carolyn were wonderful at holding space for me as I navigated the final 50-hours to complete my training. I came away more excited about who I am and what I have to offer this world. I am more at home within myself than I have ever felt before. What a wonderful way to complete my 1000-hour training. I have so much love for DevaTree.

Christa Royal

1000-hr Yoga Educator

Graduate Directory Listing

DevaTree graduates have the opportunity to advertise on the Find An Instructor page of our website. After graduating from the DevaTree 1000-hr training, your professional profile will be listed in the 1000-hr Trained Yoga Educators section.

Next Steps

  1. Choose your course path and inform us by emailing info@devatree.com.
  2. Complete your registration form and email it to info@devatree.com. Indicate your method of payment (e-Transfer or credit card) and whether you prefer a payment plan ($30/monthly fee), or to pay in full.
  3. After registering for a Self-Paced online program (Meditation in the Modern Age, HeartRise, or Yoga for Anxiety), your login information for the online platform will be emailed to you. You can begin the course right away.
  4. After registering for Faculty Mentored programs (Down Dogs & Doshas, Whispered Wisdom, Kirtan Academy, and Restorative), you’ll receive an introduction email to connect you with your faculty advisor. Your start date will be mutually determined by you and your Advisor. 

We look forward to working with you on your Advanced Professional Level Yoga Educator journey!

*After 10 years of certifying yoga instructors at the 200 and 300/500-hr levels through Yoga Alliance, DevaTree no longer offers these certifications.

Much love and gratitude to the DevaTree Faculty. What an amazing journey. I feel very blessed. Thank you for lighting the way home and opening a thousand more doors to explore.

Catherine Stilo

1000-hr Yoga Educator

DevaTree profoundly changed my life. The instructors and directors offered knowledgeable information about the physical practice but also opened my mind to the spiritual side of yoga. Their teachings are delivered with love and kindness and no judgment. The experience offered me an opportunity to explore and learn to love myself with no judgment and be confident to share the knowledge they taught me with my students. DevaTree provided a safe, compassionate, and informative environment for learning. It was an experience I will never forget and will forever cherish.

Misty Lucas

1000-hr Yoga Educator

Training with DevaTree was a life changing experience for me. I grew both personally and professionally. I was able to deepen my personal yoga practice, as well as confidently start my own yoga business. The instructors are extremely knowledgable, supportive, caring, and professional. The experience-based learning model, as well as the safe and supportive learning environment that DevaTree provided, was fundamental to my success and growth. I am deeply grateful for this transformational experience and have truly loved every course I have taken with DevaTree.

Katie Gayatri Jeresky

RYT-500, 1000-hr Student

DevaTree offers me a safe place to fully explore myself through yoga. I found the teachers to be so full of wisdom. I have learned so much not only about yoga, but about myself, and have loved every minute of having these wonderful people supporting me on my journey.

Amanda Anahata Erikson

RYT-500, 1000-hr Student

DevaTree has inspired me to dive deeper into my yoga practice and has given me the confidence to share my passion for yoga with the world.

Savannah Kotter

1000-hr Yoga Educator

DevaTree has changed my life completely and taught me how to deal with grieving and finding myself.

Trudy Jacobs

1000-hr Yoga Educator

DevaTree provides so much self growth and inquiry, allowing one to truly integrate the information. I love this family, as they have helped me through so many personal struggles. It truly is a life altering experience.

Tiffany Dumont

1000-hr Yoga Educator

DevaTree has been life-changing for me. The directors and Teaching Staff created a safe and sacred space and delivered a program that allowed me to uncover, experience, and explore exactly what I needed in order to become the yoga teacher I am today. I have connected with DevaTree’s inclusive philosophy that honours the uniqueness of each student.

Trust, Laughter, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Love, Forgotten Power, Truthaches, Nature, Joy, Prosperity, Fun, Hugs, Bold Moves, Magic, Radiance, Embracing, Playfulness, Inspiration….and this beat goes on. I am forever grateful for you both Tamika and Carolyn, you are a gift to our world. Namaste Beautiful Hearts.

Lisa Santosha Mosher

1000-hr Yoga Educator