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Sarah Mank

London ON

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Sarah Mank


My name is Sarah and I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200). I recently completed my training with Devatree, obtaining my 200hr Cross-Disciplinary Teacher Training Certificate. I have been doing my own personal practice for over twelve years, I discovered Yoga when I was in my teenage years and I fell in love with it right away. My practice lifted me up and it took me on an enlightening journey into myself, one of self discovery and learning to self love. I am delighted by the thought of assisting yoga practitioners on their own paths and helping them meet themselves on their mats in the challenge of self love and compassion. In the past I've done volunteer work with the LGBTQ2+ community, playing  a leadership role in my college community and contributing to a Positive Space Training project. Currently I work with a diverse range of individuals in long-term care ranging from the elderly to the chronically ill. Through Yoga I want to empower everyone to value themselves as they are, regardless of sexual orientation, class, ability, gender, age, etc. I want to help people uncover their authentic selves so that they can be empowered to shine bright in the rest of their lives off the mat. I teach Hatha yoga, with an emphasis on relaxation, mindfulness, body awareness, and centering throughout the practice. From my mat to yours, I look forward to sharing yoga with each person that crosses my path.


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