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Catherine Satya Stilo RYT-500, 500-hr Level Certification

Horning's Mills, ON

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Catherine Satya Stilo RYT-500

Satya is a principle in yoga that literally translates into “Truth”.  This truth extends far beyond simply not telling a lie.  It is a truth that demands a deep integrity to our self and to life itself.  My yoga journey has been one of satya - of truth -- and finding that truth.

I spent much of my life reaching, totally reliant on external validation, looking outside myself for approval from others.  I became exhausted trying to measure up and be who I thought other people wanted me to be.  It was when I found yoga that I had the chance to turn inward, and instead of asking “who does life want me to be”, I had the chance just “to be” and in that “being” ask “WHO AM I”?.  It wasn’t that I had been asking the wrong question:  it’s actually the same question, just a clearer way into the question.  When I finally realized that, my eyes were opened.

It’s been almost 20 years since the first time I walked into a yoga studio.  At the time, I had no idea where that journey would take me.  I just loved that I could walk into that room and lose myself for an hour or more in breath and movement – like there was nothing else in the world. I would be transfixed by the flow and transformed at the end.

It didn’t happen instantly, but slowly, and surely, I started to see truth everywhere – the truth of who I am and of how I fit in this world – the truth of, when all the masks are removed, who we are at the core -- and allow for that connection on a deeper level.

I now feel richer, fuller, and much more grounded.  I have become the person I want to be, not the person I think everyone else wants me to be and it is truly liberating to finally come home to myself.

My intent as a teacher is to empower, to inspire and to facilitate the experience of losing the self we know, for a moment, to find, again, the self we truly are.

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