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Upcoming Retreats:

The Blue Portal Meditation Retreat
August 31–September 5, 2017

Salt Spring Island, B.C.
Explore how the blue portal or throat chakra can assist in creating freedom, clarity, abundance, and a deeper sense of purpose in your life. Learn practical meditations, tools, mudras and gentle yoga postures designed to support you to share your authentic voice and awaken the next incarnation of your life purpose.

Full Body Fascial Release Weekend Retreat/Workshop
October 6–October 8, 2017

DevaTree Place, Salt Spring Island, BC
Unwind tension, release holding patterns, and set your body free. Fascia covers and connects our muscles and organs and is a communication network for the body and mind. Our fascia connects our body like the fabric of a sweater that winds through and around the entire body. When we have a scar, tension, or tightness in one part of the fabric, it pulls and impacts the rest of our body.

Deep Attunement of the Instinctual Psoas Muscle Costa Rica Retreat
December 16–December 23, 2017

Blue Spirit Retreat Centre Nosara, Costa Rica
Release, Restore, & Revitalize Your Core

Whale Song: Meditation & Eco-Tour Retreat
May 24–May 29, 2018

Salt Spring Island, BC
We’ll spend quality time with either resident or transient orca pods, respectfully observing them (and their neighbours) in their natural environment.
Retreats are deliberately conceived opportunities to back off from the chase, attend to personal inventory-taking, and then go deeper—exploring what you normally neglect, getting better acquainted with whatever in you needs to be forgiven, nurtured or germinated.... A retreat is a refuge from a world in which you may have lost yourself and a place where you can find yourself.” John R. O'Neil, The Paradox of Success