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100-hour Whispered Wisdom: Walking Between the Worlds of Yoga & Shamanism

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Whispered Wisdom brings two ancient and powerful practices together to dance. It explores the Universal Spirit that is present within all of us, and has many different names in many different wisdom traditions.

with Kristi Bhava Corlett, B.A., M.A., B.Ed., 500 RYT, Shamanic Practitioner

Perhaps you’ve heard about Hanuman in a class, chanted Lakshmi’s name at a kirtan, or seen representations of Shiva or Ganesh in a yoga studio, wondering what it all really means. In this course you will discover the wondrous, limitless wisdom of the Hindu gods and goddesses, and learn how to access their healing power in a way that feels relevant to your life.

Using core techniques including the shamanic journey, you will learn how to meet spirit helpers who will inspire you in your yoga practice, yoga teachings, and your life path. You'll get to know your power animal and other teachers; your shamanic foot foundations for beginning this work.

Coursework explores the energies that govern the Creative Impulse, ways to sustain yourself and your practice, and how to ally yourself with the powers of Change and Transformation: expect the unexpected!

Working with Nature and the Four Directions, mantra, pranayama, storytelling and power songs, you'll learn how to integrate shamanic techniques into your teaching and generate inspired posture flows.

There is a spiral, a movement toward Oneness at the centre of the yogic-shamanic dance: the longer and stronger we practice, the greater sense of connection we have to the power of the Universe, and the discovery of that Power's presence in each living thing.

Dates and Times

The schedule includes three 3-day weekends from September-December 2018

Day Time
Thursday 7pm-9pm









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← See the sidebar for more information on this event.